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Evolution of the office table for business today
PQuadro, is not a mere office table but a table system that proposes a single product to meet the multiple requirements of a modern office. An unusual design idea that might seem trite but is, instead, highly effective: legs are connected to a bearing beam to create a solid and sophisticated table that stands out for its clean lines.

The dimensions of PQuadro’s legs ensure an extremely stable and solid frame. The central bearing beam has been designed as an additional reinforcing structure. Hence the possibility of creating a wide-range of versions, from the smallest 140 or 160 cm to the 320 cm conference tables, with an intermediate choice of single and multiple workstations, meeting tables and executive desks, while maintaining a harmonious balance of shape and style. Each table can also be fitted with a series of accessories, including printer holder, drawer units and multipurpose partitions.
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